No More Secrets-Time to Write Out Loud

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Our secret

I have been keeping a secret for awhile now and it is time to let it go.  I have secretly wanted to become a blogger.

In some form or another, I have been contemplating creating this blog for over 3 years now. For this hard driven, overachieving perfectionist, it has been a lot of exhausting tiring work of thinking, researching, researching, and more researching, with no results. Oh, I have a lot of information and knowledge about blogging, SEOs, self-hosting, widgets, advertising, affiliate marketing, etc., but I have never put any of that knowledge to use, except in my mind.  I have many blog posts and ideas but they are all in my head, my secret.  Fear has simply paralyzed me!

The craziest part about this secret that I have been carrying around is that I want to create a blog about being raised by my 7 french bulldogs children, the blog will be about their lives and they don’t read! I have been obsessing about making this blog look and sound perfect as it chronicles the teachable moments of a pack of 7 french bulldogs who try to co-exist with this crazy obsessive pet mom who believes that perfection is an attainable goal.

The real truth is that if my dogs could talk they would say,  “Enough already MamaFrenchie.  Just write it so that we can go for our walk, chase the squirrels and play fetch. Let’s go and enjoy the day.”  Thus, the story of my life and the subject of this blog, the daily connection with my 7 frenchie children who are teaching me how to live and let live.  They show me how to live one day, one moment, at a time, embrace the meaningful parts of life and laugh at the rest.

Grab your leash and take this amazing walk with us!