IMG 1796 1024x682 Teenagers!!!Teenagers. Do you have one? Ever lived with one? Well, I didn’t like my attitude very much when I was a teenager.  So when I decided not to have children, I remember thinking that I would not have to personally experience those very stressful, hair pulling, teenage years in my home.  But then came Cleo who shattered that notion.

Cleo is one of my frenchie girls.  She is 6 years old, but has always been a bit of a diva, proving that you don’t have to give birth to those you raise for them to fall not so far from the tree.

Getting Cleo out of bed in the morning is straight out of the Teenage Years 101 Manual.  Unlike most dogs who are eager to see their dog mom first thing in the morning and can’t wait to go outside even if just to relieve themselves after 11 hours of sleep, the last thing Cleo wants is to get out of bed.  Her bladder is not a priority, her beauty sleep is priority number 1.

I call her name sweetly, I yell her name, I bribe her with treats, lie to her and tell her that we have a visitor, I tell her that we are going on a walk or trip, which are her favorite things to do. Nothing. Nada. No response other than a light snore or grunt. I gently shake her and I get a low growl as she burrows herself further into the covers.

Finally I have no choice but to lift up the covers which still gets not a stir and I have to push her out of the bed as she growls and mutters all the way downstairs.

Now the door is wide open all the other dogs are either still exploring outside or have done their business and are waiting patiently by the door to be cleaned off.  Yes the training of an obsessive neurotic mom-no dirty bums or paws in the house.  I wash up after I use the bathroom, why shouldn’t they?  I don’t even walk in dirt grass when I use the washroom, so they need it more than me!

No sooner have I cleaned the waiting dogs, than I see a lump of black shiny fur burrowing itself into a bed in the living room. Cleo is going back to sleep! No bathroom, no morning treat! Another few zzzz of beauty sleep. Aargh, teenagers!

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