Bailey: Bails & Bails & Bails of Fun


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Bailey absolutely loves to play!  He is obsessed with water and loves tug of war. Bailey genuinely is man’s best friend.  Well behaved, protective, and loyal this strong boy will melt your heart with his soulful gaze. Whatever you may be doing he is right there by your side. He does not like even the hint of a possible fight.  If he senses any kind of tension from animals or humans he jumps right in the middle to calm everyone down. Not wanting to miss a thing, Bailey fights his tiredness and is often found dozing while sitting up. One look at that beaming mug and you are in love.  BAILEY, is the guard dog, protector from Philly, PA.  Tough, very athletic and strong but sweet, breaks up all fights and very protective of his human parents.



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