Bucky: Long Tongue Dancer


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What can you say about Bucky except the boy’s got swagger. He’s gutsy, bold and definitely holds his own for being the latest addition to the pack. He won’t hesitate to take treats, food & toys right out of the mouths of his siblings without any fear or remorse.  The youngest of the boys at a 1 1/2 years old, he is assimilating quite well and has quickly become an engaging playmate for his brothers. In fact, it looks like he may become the head dog of the entire crew. His hazel eyes sparkle with mischief and innocence while his quizzical expressions never hesitate to make one stop and chuckle. And while his lolling tongue brings about some sweet Bucky kisses, nobody is a fan of his fondness for rabbit poop! He also has been the only one of the Frenchies that actually caught a chipmunk in the backyard!! RIP Chipmunk–we actually had a funeral for the chipmunk–so sad. Bucky was depressed for days–he thought it was a toy that we took away:(  He is also the only of the Frenchies that can actually walk and dance on his hind legs. Bucky is from New Jersey and has the swagger to prove it!

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