Cleo: The Frilly Frenchie


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Cleo is not the youngest but she is by far the most tiny and dainty of all of her siblings which fits her personality perfectly.  Cleo is from France and is very flirty and girly, but can also be very passionately fiesty.  When she means business or is one of her “moods” her brothers know to steer clear.  It is like there is an invisible force field around Cleo and none of her siblings dare try to cross that Cleo field when it is up!!  She has the mysterious air about her, the more she tries to ignore her siblings the more they want to play with her, it is as though she is telling them, “Not now Mon Cheri, when I am ready to play, I will let you know.”   Cleo is always trying to get Chelsea to be more girly, Cleo tries to teach her how to dress/shop for cute clothes and collars with rhinestones, get pawdicures and spa treatments. She also tries to show her how to bat eyelashes and give a sad sweet face to get whatever you want, which Cleo does quite well:)!

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