Cocoa: The Fetchmeister

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Cocoa can be crafty, and she is extremely intelligent. She loves to play fetch (which is rare for a Frenchie) and leaps through the air as agile as a gazelle, also rare for the muscular stocky Frenchie. Cocoa loves her Momma and can become quite anxious when she thinks she will be separated from her, sometimes prompting an involuntary game of hide and seek in an attempt to delay Momma’s departure. Cocoa is from NYC and is athletic, agile, snobby, teacher’s pet, jock, cheerleader, blessed with good looks, always showing off, the popular girl.  She is a dog star who does dog modeling/dog commercials so she believes that she is a superstar!  In her spare time, Cocoa loves plastic water bottles and loves to recycle in her own special way.  She will happily grab water bottles out of the hands of the unsuspecting Central Park walkers in a blink of an eye.  With a little wink, she says, “Just recycling, baby!”  and runs off her merry way.

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