Winston & Madison

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A dog has one aim in life . . . to bestow his heart.-J.R. Ackerley.  No truer words could describe my dear Winston.  My first Frenchie, he had many firsts-the first true love of my life, the first in the Frenchie Family, the first to unlock my heart, the first to show me pure unconditional love.  It is because of  Winston that I am blessed with a family of 7 Frenchies.  He showed me how to become teachable, to always leave myself open to learn, sometimes from the most unexpected circumstances.  Winston opened my eyes and heart to the notion that no amount of planning gives me the actually ability to control my life despite my insane delusion that I am somehow in the driver’s seat.  I am just beginning to understand that while there is a plan for my life, I am not the one directing the acts and scenes in this drama.

Winston taught me about acceptance when he welcomed his sister Madison into his very privileged life as a solo spoiled first dog.  Our dear sweet Madison was a failure to thrive pup and had many health challenges from the beginning.  But Winston saw none of that, Madison was simply his little sister with a big, pure heart.  It may have taken her longer to eat, but Winston was always content to wait until Madison finished her food before he began to eat his.  Madison was a very slow walker, but Winston simply incorporated the leisurely stroll into his routine by using the extra time to greet and socialize with people and other dogs.

Winston and Madison crossed the rainbow bridge earlier than I ever anticipated.  I would have said much too soon, but Winston and Madison taught me that everything happens when it is supposed to happen.  Accepting that has been a challenging lesson for me but I know it is because of these precious two frenchies that I have the most amazing, blessed life with 7 french bulldogs.  Winston and Madison helped me to discover that 7 is heaven!

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